Mulch Delivery Service for your Landscape Project

Mulch makes your gardens and landscape look its best. Create a protective cover over your soil to retain moisture, reduce erosion, suppress weed growth and seed germination, and provide nutrients as the mulch decays.

Mulch Delivery Service

Order a home delivery of mulch for your garden projects.

Bark Mulch Delivery

Bark Mulch

Fine texture makes wind-resistant cover, excellent for mulching steeper grades.

$39 per yard

Triple Shed Mulch Delivery

Triple Shred Root Blend Mulch

Fine texture and a great value! Made from mostly roots and all organic

$29 per yard

Black Mulch Delivery

Black Dyed Mulch

Environmentally safe vegetable-based dye provides longer lasting color.

$36 per yard

Play Ground Mulch Delivery

Playground Mulch

Meets standards for playground surfacing.

$39 per yard

Playground Mulch Delivery

Brown Dyed Mulch

Vegetable-based dye is environmentally safe and color lasts longer than natural mulches.

$36 per yard

Wood Chip Mulch Delivery

Wood Chip Mulch

For shrubs and tree gardens. Not for annual and vegetable gardens.

$34 per yard

Playground Mulch Delivery

Licorice Root Mulch

Provides superior mositure retention properties. Resistant to wind and rain.

not available



Delivery charge is $25 for the following zip codes: 19382, 19380, 19341, 19342, 19335, 19317, 19335.....

Not sure how much you will need?

Use or mulch calculator to find outyour garden requirements.

Mulch Calculator

How much mulch do you need?


Garden Size (sq. ft.): 
(See the Area Calculator if you're not sure about this)

You will need:

2-cubic-foot bags or

3-cubic-foot bags or

cubic feet or

cubic yards or

pickup truck loads (midsize)